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Fondant Sugar Paste

Product Features;

– Vegan, Gluten-free and Halal
– No colour transfer
– Humidity resistant
– Provides increased elasticity
– Longer working time
– Pliable and takes on shapes quickly

Vizyon Ready to Roll Fondant, or Sugar Paste, is a flexible and easy rolling fondant structure. Provides increased elasticity to effortlessly cover cakes.

Gluten-free, vegan and halal certified, Vizyon fondant suits any requirement.

Soft to work with and smooth finishing, it will put an end to elephant-skin issues.
With a longer working time, it provides the freedom to add detail to your cakes or figurines. Being pliable, it will takes on shapes quickly while also holding designs in cake ornaments.

Contains a subtle vanilla taste, that won’t overpower the flavour in your cakes. Plus there’s no colour transfer, so your colours retain their look and appearance making it easy to work with. In addition, it can also take on powder colouring.

In fact, Vizyon Fondant is the choice for 3D cake making, but with a versatility to be fantastic for embossing on cookies.



VIZYON Fondant 250g(Sugar Paste)

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